• This app aims to
  • Build a user driven ISP reputation database based on personal user experience reviews on the following KPIs [Pricing,Reliability, Self Service Portals, Billing and Customer/Technical Support]
  • Create visibility and insight into the QOS offered by Zimbabwean ISP's so as to assist prospective/transient ISP customers when making a choice on which ISP to subscribe to.
  • ISP service predictor calculator
My Story

Over time we have seen a proliferation of ISPs in Zimbabwe offering a wide range of services.While the Zimbabwean user community is spoilt for choice ,the QOS offered by these various ISPs differ and you that information is only accessible after you have subscribed and commited to that ISP.

BL Analytics aims to bridge that gap through the Zimbabwean user community by creating a central ISP reputation database ,a result of each individual sharing their personal experiences using our defined baseline KPIs.

Together We will create a community driven Reputation database which will enable us to benchmark ISP health Index based on the defined baseline KPIs and guide prospective subscribers in making informed decisions before they commit to any ISP.

In summary we aim to create a unit of purpose for Zimbabwean ISPs, establish and maintain best of breed practices, and ultimately try to improve their service offerings in the process aiding the subscribers to use facts when deciding which service to buy and not be blinded by marketing

  • What this app will be able to do for you
  • Help companies/organisations looking to subscribe or change ISPs
  • If you are visiting Zimbabwe for the first time and looking for an ISP that suits your needs
  • Help ISPs gain access to a centralised customer experience database
  • Determine ISP of the week, month ,year based on reputation
  • Some granular reports will only be accessible via Splunk.If you are a Researcher or an ISP administrator looking for raw data that you can transform yourself ,then this option is for you.Access to reports via Splunk is at a fee of $5 dollars per year [This is to ensure that the site keeps running]
    • This app will help you answer questions like
    • why certain users prefer certain ISPs ?
    • How does ISP X compare against ISP Y for KPI Z
    • How does ISP X fair against KPI Y over time
    • How does ISP X compare against ISP Y for KPI Z