• This website aims to
  • Build a user driven ISP reputation database based on personal user experience reviews on the following KPIs [Pricing,Reliability, Self Service Portals, Billing and Customer/Technical Support]
  • Create visibility and insight into the QOS offered by Zimbabwean ISP's so as to assist prospective/transient ISP customers when making a choice on which ISP to subscribe to.
My Insipiration

I am a Linux Engineer and a Python fanatic who recently developed some love with Statistics and Data science. Having worked for 4 ISPs in Zimbabwe ,one of the job roles required me to do some data analysis using splunk , mostly logs and subscriber data and this experience led to the inception of this website focusing more on these 3 elements of Data analytics (Trending, Predictive, Comparative.)

By combining aspects of Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics, this site aims to allow existing ISP subscribers to benchmark the QOS offered by ZIM ISPs which will empower prospective subscribers to choose ISP service based on these supplied QOS ratings

Technologies Used

Python, Flask ,Flask-SQLAlchemy for the backend ,PyGAL for graphing ,vue.js and Jquery for the front end and Splunk for visualisation

  • Subscribe to the right service and ISP using this calculator
  • a
  • ISP Reputation predictions based on current data
  • b
  • Various ISP reputation scores (Please note that this is just test data)
  • ISP name KPI # of users who rated Sum of Ratings for all user(s) Health Index Reputation Scores
    Frampol Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    Powertel Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    Telco Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    Telone Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    ZOL Zimbabwe Pricing 4 7 2 Fair
  • ISP Reputation Scores for KPI=Pricing0Poor1Fair2Average3Good4Excellent0FrampolPowertelTelcoTeloneZOL Zimbabwe197.1538461538407.913461538Frampol1259.076923077407.913461538Powertel1421.0407.913461538Telco1582.923076923407.913461538Telone2744.846153846350.942307692ZOL ZimbabweISP Reputation Scores for KPI=Pricing11112ISP Reputation