• This website aims to
  • Build a user driven ISP reputation database based on personal user experience reviews on the following KPIs [Pricing,Reliability, Self Service Portals, Billing and Customer/Technical Support]
  • Create visibility and insight into the QOS offered by Zimbabwean ISP's so as to assist prospective/transient ISP customers when making a choice on which ISP to subscribe to.
  • Subscribe to the right service and ISP using this calculator
  • a
  • ISP Reputation predictions based on current data
  • b
  • Various ISP reputation scores (Please note that this is just test data)
  • ISP name KPI # of users who rated Sum of Ratings for all user(s) Health Index Reputation Scores
    Frampol Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    Powertel Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    Telco Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    Telone Pricing 1 1 1 Poor
    ZOL Zimbabwe Pricing 4 7 2 Fair
  • ISP Reputation Scores for KPI=Pricing0Poor1Fair2Average3Good4Excellent0FrampolPowertelTelcoTeloneZOL Zimbabwe197.1538461538407.913461538Frampol1259.076923077407.913461538Powertel1421.0407.913461538Telco1582.923076923407.913461538Telone2744.846153846350.942307692ZOL ZimbabweISP Reputation Scores for KPI=Pricing11112ISP Reputation